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  Meet my adorable robo hamsters.
Feel free to send me photos of your pets and I will post them on this site. Email me your photos.
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View Coco and Carla's new 3-level home in their 10 gallon aquarium tank.

I have post photos of these adorable furry critters and their habitats.
Click here to read all about robo hamsters.

To read up on more information about robo hamsters, visit here.
If you own a robo hamster, and need answers about how to tame or handle it, go to the Hamster Hideout Forum or Hamster Club or Robo Hamster Wikipedia.


November 29, 2011
Just found out today that Millie had gotten out of her 10gallon tank home. I think what happened is that, like Snowy, Millie is smart enough to climb out the tank using the pole from her wheel. Of course, it's my fault for now putting a cover on top of the tank. It took me always two days to find Millie who ran around my living room and OMG, it was soo frustrating trying to figure out where she was hiding. I saw her under my couch, next to my stairs, behind the chairs, she was just all over the place. I had to block her in to a specific area and after 3 hours, I gave up and call it a night since she's good at hiding.  I left food and water out for her to make sure she is alive and finally, on the next morning, all of the food were gone, which was a relief. I had to go to work, and when I came back, I went to put thing away in my wall cabinet and voila! I found her nest site and when I opened the drawer, which was screwed into the side so I was not able to pull out the drawer completely, I tried to get her out using my cables. But before I did that, I already went ahead and block a smaller area so it would be easier for me to catch her. Twenty minutes later, I was able to catch her and put her in her tank. Yah! Now I learned to cover her tank and build a 3 level home instead of a 4 level home.

September 2011
Ok, I told myself not to get another robo hamster, but I couldn't resist. I made the decision to shop for another one as I was cleaning and putting away the hamster toys and tank/home. This time I was able to put my hand closer to a hamster to came forward and Millie is now part of the family!

June 2011
Snowy has sadly past. I really don't think these robo hamster can live longer than a year.. It's been really sad for me that Snowy past away because I feel like we've gotten really close... RIP Snowy...

February 2010
Snowy is my new robo hamster, who is covered mostly in white fur with a hint of brown on top. She's really cute and smart enough to climb out of the 10gallon tank home. She has twice climbed out and good thing I was able to catch and put her back into her home.

Dec 26, 2009

It's a sad day today. My precious Mocha is no longer breathing and has died of old age. I will forever, remember the moments I shared with Mocha. Rest in peace.

Dec 10, 2008

I was cleaning the girls' tank when I noticed that Coco's right eye is dead. It was filled with blood. I totally freaked and was sadden by this genetic defect. I'm not sure if she's feeling any pain, but I try to make it less stressful and happy environment for her and Carla.

June 2008
Mocha, Coco and Carla are the newest additions to the family. They are three adorable and well-behaved roborovski (robos) hamsters.

Here are Carla and Coco
enjoying their day together.
I got both Carla and Coco two months after I got Mocha. They were just babies when I got them! The girls are just so adorable and cute together. I'm not sure if they are from the same litter, but they do act like sisters. They run, fight, sniff, and sleep with each other, it's hard to separate them; it's like they are attached at the hips.
What are so cute and adorable about these hamsters? Well, robo hamsters have distinctive features. They are among the smallest of dwarf hamsters. Robo hamsters have sand colored furs and distinctive white eyebrows. They have pearl black eyes, white belly, and the ears are covered with pale grey and pink hairs. Their pink noses are covered with white fur and lots of white/grey whiskers.
Carla wondering about her
new puzzle-maze habitat.


Mocha is very shy and timid.
He is very sweet and rarely
nip me. I got him in April ‘08
when he was about 3-4
months old. He was a baby
then. He doesn’t really like
humans, but if you’re nice
to him, he’ll let you pet him.
He loves berry yogurts and
raisins are his favorite!

Millie's new 3-level home

Two-level home fish tank

4-level New Pad

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