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Watch Naruto Shippuden TV online
Miss an episode of Naruto Shippuden? Don't worry, you can still watch it online.

Japanese Anime Wallpapers
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Naruto Shippuden, Vol. 1 (2009)
Price: $9.99
Buy from Amazon 

The most eagerly anticipated anime release of 2009, Naruto Shippuden is the follow-up to the international hit Naruto. Two and a half years have passed since first series ended, which Naruto has spent training under Jiraiya. The character has been redesigned to appear taller and less round-faced, as a teenager should. Although he's learned a lot of new skills and might have matured a little, Naruto remains the irrepressible knucklehead audiences know and love. While's he's been away, Tsunade has instructed Sakura in medical and fighting techniques. When Naruto returns to the Hidden Leaf Village, he and Sakura are given a familiar assignment: take a pair of bells from Kakashi-sensei. While Kakashi measures the skills his former students, have acquired, sinister forces go into action. The Akatsuki, a confederation of outlaw ninja once associated with Orochimaru, begin their campaign to capture the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon imprisoned within Naruto's body. Their first target is the Village Hidden in the Sand, now led by Gaara. An even more formidable warrior than he was as a boy, Gaara battles Deidara, an evil ninja who makes exploding animals out of folded paper--a sort of ballistic origami. Naruto Shippuden reunites director Hayato Date with many of the artists and voice actors from the first series. The results feel familiar yet new: it's just what legions of Naruto fans have been waiting for.

Naruto: Shippuden, Vol. 2 (2009) - Amazon Price: $22.99
Naruto: Shippuden, Vol. 3 - Amazon Price: $22.49
Naruto: Shippuden, Vol. 4 - Amazon Price: $22.49
Naruto Shippuuden, the Movie DVD - Amazon Price: $17.99

Fushigi Yuugi- The Mysterious Play - Suzaku Boxed Set DVD  Series: 1-26
Miaka and her scholarly friend Yui find an ancient Chinese volume, The Universe of the Four Gods, about a girl "who made her dreams come true after she came to possess the seven stars of Suzaku," and are literally drawn into the book. Miaka is hailed as the girl from another world destined to become the priestess of Suzaku, the protecting deity of the Empire of Konan. She soon finds herself caught in a web of adventures, magic, deadly perils, intrigue, and counterintrigue.
Price: $121.99 (Breand New)  |  $25.50 (Used)
Buy from Amazon 

Fushigi Yuugi - The Mysterious Play - Seiryu Boxed Set DVD  Series: 27-52
The heartrending conclusion to Fushigi Yugi the Mysterious Play! All 26 Episodes of the second season of the series available on four DVD's (in a collected eight volume boxed set). Join Miaka as she struggles to overcome Yui's betrayal and the deadly obstacles of the Seiryu Seven to protect her adoped kingdom, her friends and her true love.
*Packaged in a high quality collectors boxed set with many extras: Fushigi Yugi music videos, non-credit closing, character notes and more.
Price: $97.69 (Brand New)  |  $55.00 (used)
Buy from Amazon

Ceres, Celestial Legend, Collectors 1 - DVD  Total Series: 1-12
The supernatural thriller of love, betrayal and revenge begins on the day of Aya and her twin brother Aki's 16th birthday. When their grandfather decides it is time to share a long guarded secret. The twins are summoned to the massive mysterious Mikage House where they find thier extended family assembled and waiting. They are given a curious gift and in that instant their destiny begins to unfold...
Price: $19.49 (Used)
Buy from Amazon

Ceres, Celestial Legend, Collectors 2 - DVD  Total Series: 13-26
A tale of eternal love, cosmic retribution, and celestial maidens with sublime supernatural powers. An ancient legend has devastating and unfathomable consequences on 16-year-old Aya Mikage. Her world turned upside down, Aya sets out on a journey to discover the truth about herself and the disturbing history of her family line. Ceres, a powerful celestial maiden, is out to stop them by any means necessary while 16-year-old Aya Mikage is caught in the middle and just wants her old life back. But it may already be too late for that...
Price: $74.98
Buy from Amazon

TRIGUN - the 60 Billion Dollar man
Based on Yasuhiro Nightow's manga, this comic adventure takes place in the distant future on a desert planet that looks like the American Old West. Vash wanders from town to town, unsuccessfully pursuing peace, doughnuts, and "the mayfly known as love." The wild gun-crazy action of Trigun gets collected in a new eight-volume DVD boxed set featuring 26 episodes of brand-new art from Takahiro Yoshimatsu, the character designer of Trigun.
Price: $58.95 (used)
Buy from Amazon

El Hazard - The Magnificent World Boxed DVD
Encounter a world of wonder and fantasy! Three high school students and one of their teachers are mysteriously transported to the magical world of El Hazard. There, they discover hidden talents, lost technology, an empire of sentient bugs, and enough adventure to fill a lifetime!

Oh My Goddess (Vol. 1) DVD
College freshman Morisato Keiichi gets more than he bargained for when he goes dialing for dinner and gets an unexpected delivery - Belldandy, a real live, honest to goodness GODDESS! Belldandy grants him a wish, and Keiichi decides that what he really needs is a girlfriend just like her. And that's exactly what he gets. The mysterious Ultimate Force that enforces all Wish Contracts comes into play, and Keiichi and Belldandy are now inseparable.

The Slayers - DVD Collection (1-26)
Total Episodes: 1-52
Welcome to the world where magic reigns and monsters lurk behind every corner. Into this land of deadly dragons and menacing magicians comes our heroine--Lina Inverse, a cute, fireball-throwing sorceress who steals from the wicked and gives to herself! Along with Gourry, a handsome but dumb-as-a-rock swordsman, Lina challenges the forces of not-so-goodness as she seeks truth, justice, fame, and gold!




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