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Royalty-free and rights-managed stock images are available. Unless they're specified as rights-managed, all images indicated as royalty-free are available to all who wish to use them. All I asked is to please send me an email letting me know that you wish to use my images.
Pacific Aquarium (Royalty-free)
Mysterious creatures awaits at the Pacific Aquarium.
SeaWorld San Diego (Royalty-free)
Memorable experience at the most popular SeaWorld... I got sunburned. =( But other than that, my trip there was great!
Disney California (Royalty-free)
I took lots of pictures from Disney California during Thanksgiving last year, although it wasn't what I expected, the theme park was quite entertaining.
Traveling to Europe (Rights-Managed)
Europe was such a blast for me. Amazingly enough, I took over 1,200 images while I was vacationing through Europe in December 2003. I went to visit Paris, london, Italy and Swiss. I gotta say that Paris is one of the most beautiful places to visit. I'd would have love to live in Paris. The scenery was gorgeous. I love the historical landmarks and museums.  Here are some I'd like to share with you.
| Paris | London | Italy | Swiss |
LA Zoo Animals (Royalty-free)
There are many wonderful animals at the LA Zoo. My favorites are the tigers, giraffe and the rhino. Check out these images and see if you agree.

This month's free image
Photographed by Silvia D.
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