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From the beginning to the end. Registering domain name, consulting and going over your needs in a website, designing the website for user interface, setup a hosting server, and provide maintenance.
  • Domain Names
    Avoid choosing long domain names. You want to keep them short and memorable and also to increase your site's ranking in the search engines. Domain names are now much more reasonably priced, you can purchase one for as low as $7-35 a year. Discounts are given for multiple domain registrations.
  • Web Design
    Designs are based on the client's visual perspective, needs.
  • Web Hosting
    There are a variety of affordable and reliant hosting services out there. I can provide you with one depending on their services. (See below for a recommended list.)
  • Search Engine Submissions
    I can register your site with over 100 search engines. I can't guarantee that I can get your site accepted by all the search engines, but I have the experience in all the techniques and have achieved some remarkable results in the past.
  • Web Maintenance (optional)
    In case you need web maintenance, I do charge a maintenance fee depending on the site's performance.

In need of a website designed? Below are some of the questions you should be asking yourself.

  • Why do I want a website?
    You need to have a clear idea at what you want your web site to achieve.
  • How do I select a web designer?
    Take a long hard look at a designer's existing web sites. Do they stand out in the crowd? If not, look elsewhere. Look critically at the quality and crispness of images. Does the site load quickly, especially in the case of the early pages in the site? Don't make price the main priority - remember that your web site is a reflection on your business. A cheap job may be more expensive in the long term. Paying for extra functionality, such as a database driven design is more expensive initially, but allows you to update the content of your site quickly and easily yourself and can greatly extend the life of the site.
  • Should I ask several designers for quotations?
    A better approach is to decide upon a budget and ask several designers what they can do within that budget. The wide range of options that exist for designing a site make it almost impossible to compare like with like where price is the differential. By making content the differential, you can concentrate on design factors.

If you are interested and can't wait to get started, click here to contact me online or go to Media38's Design section to select all-ready-made web templates.

Domain Name:
  • 1and1.com - $9.99/Year/Domain
    URL Forwarding, Emails & Email Forwarding, Domain Cloaking/URL Frame / Domain Parking, Under-construction Page, Change of Domain Ownership, MX Record Management, Web-based Domain Manager and more.
  • Yahoo Business - $9.95/Year/Domain
    24-hour phone and online support, A starter web page, Domain forwarding, Domain locking, Private domain registration, Complete DNS management
  • Go Daddy - $9.99/Year/Domain
    Go Daddy Photo Album, Hosting with Web site builder, Personalized Email, Total DNS Control, "For Sale" Page, Parked Page w/ Domain, Domain Forwarding & Masking, 100-Pack Email Forwarding, Domain Locking

Web Hosting: (Some host do not include free domain name)

  • Lonex.com - Best Deal!! As low as $3.95 for free Domain name, host unlimited domain hosting,  POP3 email, PHP, frontpage, multiple ftp accounts, free SSL and free shopping cart and more.
  • FastWebsites.com - $4.95/mo. for free domain, unlimited POP3, free shopping cart, frontpage, etc.
  • HostColor.com - $3.74/mo., unlimited POP3, mySQL, CGI, frontpage, ftp, 24/7 support, host up to 7 domains. Domain are $9.95/year.
  • POWweb.com - $3.88/mo., unlimited POP3, mySQL, CGI, frontpage, ftp, 24/7 support.
  • 1and1.com - $4.99/mo., 250 POP3, mySQL, CGI, ftp, 24/7 support.

Bravenet.com - Loads of free services

Search Engine:
AddMe.com - FREE Search Engine Submission

What you need to start an E-commerce site:
1. Shopping Cart
2. Online Payment Processing
3. Internet Merchant Account
4. SSL (Verisign)

Recommend using:
Paypay Merchant Service


Web design templates
at affordable prices.

Click here to select
your web templates.


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