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  Meet my adorable robo hamsters.
Feel free to send me photos of your pets and I will post them on this site. Email me your photos.
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Here's Millie's new custom built 3-level home.
*update* I learned not to allow the wheel to stick out of the tank as the female robo hamsters tends to climb out of the tank through the pole... They are so smart!


Now that Coco has passed, I was afraid that if I put Carla and Mocha together, they would end up fighting. I had done that before and they did fight. So in order to put Mocha and Carla together, but I had to split the tank into two sections so that they can live together.


I designed a new home for Coco and Carla today. Here's a 4-level home aquarium tank using plexi glass, foam boards and of course carefresh bedding and pine shavings. The girls were checking out the are while I was constructing their new home. For some reason they were tired out and were hanging in their new spacious bedroom area while I took these photos. Now with lots of area to run around in, they'd be much more happier.

Here are the side views of the tank.

Here's a detailed photo of the first floor where their resting area leads to a pentagon-shaped den and their new sand bathing compartment. It also gives them access to the second level where I placed their food and water. The third floor is where their wheel resides; fourth floor has more spacious room for them to run around in.

I haven't seen much of creatively designed hamster homes on the website. I did find a few that utilize a LOT of room with tunnels and containers. But I don't have the room to allow my robos to run around freely. So I decided to re-design and built Coco and Carla's new 3-level home in their 10 gallon aquarium tank. I wanted to utilize the entire tank space as much as possible. I think I did a pretty good job on my second try.  I figured instead of spending $40-50 on a small hamster cage, I can spend half as much and build a custom home for them. Here are the photos of the newly designed home. Email me to let me know what you think.


I moved the girls into a 10 gallon aquarium tank and design a two level home. The 1st level is their sleeping quarters, wheel and they have lots of space to run around. I placed their food, extra bed and water at the 2nd level.


Mocha is very shy and timid. He is very sweet and rarely nip me. I got him in April ‘08 when he was about 3-4 months old. He was a baby
then. He doesn’t really like humans, but if you’re nice to him, he’ll let you pet him. He loves berry yogurts and raisins are his favorite!

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